Close-in Weapon System Simulation

Simulation of CWIS for Game Projects and Tech Demonstrations

Aimed at creating simulation of CWIS with a touch of realistic concepts and designs. The standard of CWIS is weapon systems designed to tackle any dangerous projectile from Missiles, Bombs and deadly ordnance by shooting or other means necessary.

Using the Unity Engine as the primary the project looked at recreating certain functions already provided in Unity to run detection and prediction systems. In the physics system side to not use values such as the velocity or within general the object data to track and detect objects, instead creating a signature system and using a imitated communication system to send data between objects.

Target Tracking

Tracking targets in-order to produce information such as as location and prediction of movement, a important component in identifying projectiles and being able to send that information to a weapon that can take them out.

Detection and Communication

Radar System responsible for detecting projectiles in range, a delay in receiving information and finally sending that data to a Command System that receiving that data to provide to Weapon System. Other systems track the target capturing the movement and calculating an intercept of the target.

Minimal Interaction

Turret System rotates to assigned direction, measuring how far off it is from its intended target to know once its aligned when it can fire to assure it will hit the target. Bullets are set to exploded with a calculate delay to assure a fill of target.

The Turret's aim is directed by the Tracking System that has calculate the intercept angle and the amount of time the bullet would take to reach its target to be able to intercept the projectile.

Scalable in Systems

rom one to many, multiple systems can work together to intercept multiple projectiles at the same time, One radar can find all the projectiles and the Command System can allocate targets for each Weapon System to eliminate.

The Full Picture

From Missiles launch, detection, tracking and then finally the elimination of the projectile, the simulation looks at handling all aspects and can be repeated indefinitely.

Simulation Control Panel

Buildable simulation to watch it all play out, launch as many missiles and watch all the individual system act on projectiles as they come into range.

Able to inspect each of the Systems to view the data that is being acted upon, see what the turrets are seeing and understand the events that take place to reach its result.

Map Generation System

Working with large distance a perspective of scale and range was support with a tool to create procedurally generated maps.

Tools to control the basics of the terrain and colour, with simple colours to indicate the different layers of the earth. Being able to create new environments on demand to test in different scenarios and locations.

More to Come

As one of my primary projects, I am taking some concepts and redesigning them. For this project I am looking at developing other CWIS Systems and Methods to be able to create a simulation sandbox and take these concepts for other projects and games I aim to develop.