Sci-Fi Eco System Simulation

Virtual Eco System Model for Games

A Space Themed Eco-System that can operate without player involvement, a world to replicate a game like open world with a sense of life, the travelling of civilians between space stations, the gathering of resources and mining of minerals to provide and the protection against threats to the life that runs this world.

This project is serving as a base to expand from concepts and systems used for other iterations of similar concepts and to be attempted at a larger scale. Foundation of a Simulation / RTS style of game.

Minimal Interaction

The player is not involved in the simulation but can explore and see the actions of each unit and some objects, while the space is small in comparison this is just as scale of the simulation is limited for now. Reading the behaviour of each unit and object and understanding what each is doing to participate in the Eco System model.

Living and Breathing

Civilians take resources to bring to another station, serving as a distribution of economy such as a form of trade or cost of living in the setting, a basic system but the core behaviour. Running out of resources stops civilians travelling and 'life' decays.

Resources to Survive

Stations consume resources to operate, Civilian class ships cannot depart from a station without sufficient resources. Carriers are one of the units that gathers resources for station to them allow them to operate.

Minerals and Dynamic Harvesting

Dynamic Harvesting involved being able to work in mining feels with loose mineables, a dedicated class of ships tasked with going to clusters and identifying the rocks that it can harvest.

Defending the Colony

Red is bad, harmless red ships are seen as threats to the space stations, threats too close will have a station launch fighters to defend themselves and remove threats from the world.

Basic Map Generation

Fast prototyping and development, basic editor tools to generation and process the map in an octree map for 3D pathfinding, control the scale and density of the environment

This tool is being progress and made modular to work in other projects and support other generation methods.

More to Come

As one of my primary projects, I am taking some concepts and redesigning them for better scalability and to support more entities at the same time. Other forms of representation and improvements of pathfinding systems to support more complex worlds in a larger space.