Web-Based Game Projects

Various Demos, Projects and Prototypes built using JavaScript

As a showcase of my earlier work, these have demos as I was still learning Games Development and produced during my First Year at Norwich, University of the Arts. I am proud to display these pieces of work and still enjoy going through them. The quality of my work, development and skill set has greatly expanded since.

Mobile One Touch RTS

Mobile Real Time Strategy Game, involving the player to only build their chosen force and leave it to the game to do the fighting, involving many options to choose from the concept was to plan and craft a better force to beat the opponent computer.

2D Platformer

Two Week prototype looking at the development of a game with some complexity and detail.

Started off from just browsing for game assets to picking what looked nice and interesting to patching them all together into a simple 2D Game.

Top Down 2D Tank Shooter

A chaotic mini-game, a simple tank shoot with added visual effect for a chaotic experience.

Swarm RTS Game

RTS style games is my most focused genre of games, it is what I view and play a lot of in my own time. When it came to developing my own first game in the First Year of my Games Development course, this was the first attempt at a game project.

Trebuchet Interactive Toy

Physics Systems are extremely fun to play around with, also you learn that catapult like physics is difficult to implement in detail, an attempt at creating a trebuchet to launch projectiles.

While very rough around the edge, a very informative project.

Where I Begun

I am proud to say this is not reflective of my ability and work now, this is just to showcase my range and areas I have explored and have knowledge in, since then I have expanded.

Since then, I have developed a much wider range of knowledge, ability and skill.