Eco System Simulation

Virtual Eco System Model for Games

Wildfires are spreading rapidly! A firefighter and gardener are all that is left to help tackle this terrible occurrence. As a team bound together to manage the water and use tools to aid their mission, they run around a forest to attempt to put out the aggressive fires.

Local co-op game designed as part of a group project, with artists and other developers this prototype laid a demonstration of technical and creative developments.

Welcome to the Forest

Burning trees encourage other tree to ignite overtime, trees can be planted and regrow to restore the areas of the forest lost to the fire but be careful they do not start again. The fire can spread rapidly in denser segments of the forest.

The Number One Tool

Firefighters always have their water cannon with them, as the go to tool to take on the fires, they have limited resources and are connected to the water tank on the gardener's back.

Bound together they will tackle the forest together; the gardener has his trusted shovel and other tools as well as making sure he’s not going too far from the firefighter.

One Without the Other

The Gardener helps manage the water in this firefighting duo. The water tank on their back can be placed down and then collect water from the nearby trees, the more trees the faster the tank fills and only healthy trees can provide water. As you save ground you also get more water.

While the water tank is in the ground the gardener can break away from the firefighter and do tasks elsewhere in the forest. But the firefighter, they will be stuck in place until they get back to carrying that all important water tank.

Extinguish Grenades

Water does not have to be the only way to take out the fire. Taking some modern ideas to add to the toolset, a period ability to help tackle spikes and get ahead of the fire.

Isolation Drone

The gardener has more jobs than just carrying the water tank, along with helping to restore the forest. A drone that freezes the area beneath it to stop the spread of fire, buying the firefighter much needed time and allowing to tackle other areas in need.

Regrow the Forest

Work together, think fast and put an end to the spearing fires. Revive the forest lost, the gardener works to rebuild the lost areas once the firefighter puts out all the fires, when trees fully regrow they will provide more water, replant to come back and get the rewards for saving the forest.

Inspired by Climate Change

The outcome of a internal Game Jam during Year 2 of my Games Development Course, the game had plans to be developed to a alpha that could be release.

Developed with a small team of Developers and Artists to create a small demo of tech and art, unfortunately the project found struggles during the pandemic period and did not see to a release.